Best New Children's Choir Christmas Musical!

Of course you are, but I made the cut! Is everyone forgetting that???? …Oh, well, enjoy the musical!


Who’d you say rocks?! You must have meant the Rock Band! We’re in the musical, too, you know!

Ned again here. Don’t listen to them! They’re just jealous because I made the cut. This is MY show and I am the star…except at the end. But like I said, I don’t want tot spoil it for you. So until next time, remember…NED ROCKS!

Okay, listen up! We are the Bellflowers and anyone who has seen the new Bethlehem or Bust! musical knows that WE are the scene stealers!

Hey! You forgot us! The Spider Sistahs! We want to thank our fans, too! And everyone knows in this musical WE steal the show!

Hi, all. Stinky here. Don’t pay any attention to Ned. This musical is about more than Ned. A lot more! And the rest of us really do wanna thank you for performing our new musical this coming Christmas! WE hope you have fun with it, and we also hope you won’t ever forget its powerful message!

Stinky, Stone Bold and Cool Duck

Hi, fans of me! I just wanted to thank all of you who have been ordering our, I mean, my new musical, Bethlehem or Bust! Stinky, Stone Bold and Cool Duck wanted to thank you, too, but I told them that since the musical is mostly about ME, I’d take care of that. So on behalf of Ned, Ned, Ned, and…what’s that other guy’s name? Oh yeah, Ned! I wanna thank you from the bottom of my fabulously talented heart!!!!

Ned (the one who “made the cut” )

The Ned Factor

Hey, kids! Ned the Camel here. Welcome to my new weekly blog where I get to talk about my favorite subject-ME! That’s right-ask me anything you’d like to know. I’m willing to talk about all sorts of topics-my dreams, my good looks, my talents. I am an expert on all things Ned. You may have heard about the brand new Christmas musical, Bethlehem or Bust!, that’s about my journey across the desert to compete in the Bethlehem Star Talent Competition (that I’m going to win Happy). A few of my friends went with me, but I seem to have forgotten their names. But that’s not important because, like I said, the musical is about me. Well, not the whole musical. Something happens at the end that kind of changes all that. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t worry. I won’t say another word. It is a great ending, though. So until next week I’ll be right here warming up my pipes… Me, me, me, me, me! What a voice! What a camel! What a ME!